Grrr: WebStorm ran out of memory, didn't save my files, so I lost work

I'm a little peeved at WebStorm right now.  Apparently, if WebStorm gets into a low/no memory situation (for causes unknown), its autosave feature appears to go wonky.

I'm not sure how much work I lost, but I was in the middle of lots of changes to lots of files (nontrivial refactoring), and got the spinning beach ball of death.  After a while, I got a message from WebStorm stating that it was encountering an OOM error, so I clicked "Shutdown".  Problem is, even though I thought WebStorm was still autosaving, it wasn't!

JetBrains folks:  please ensure that data loss is the last thing to happen while a project is open!  Maybe decrease the interval after which changes are flushed to disk or something.  I do notice that nodemon doesn't pick up my changes until after WebStorm loses focus, implying that changes don't actually hit the filesystem until WebStorm loses focus, or some such.

I never really liked autosave in the first place, but now, I have even less faith in it.  Grrrrrrrr. :/

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