More efficient/faster printing

Finally, I found out one feature in IDEA is almost unacceptable, printing.

I try to print a java file about 1200 lines. I know it is kind of long for one class. But it took about 10 mins and still printing. I have to cancel the printing job because many people are waiting.

The memory for printing this job in the printing jobs icon reached unbelieveable 50M+.

Also I like the multi section printing in page layout supporting, which is missing from IDEA.

Do I have a cheap printer? I can print the same class in JBuilder8 in 2 minutes, the result is very nice.

I love coding in IDEA. But sometimes just for printing a nice java source code, I have to switch back to JBuilder. What a pity!

IDEA version: 3.0.2
OS: Window 2000 Server
JDK 1.4.1

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I'll second that comment (printing to our very fast workgroup printer takes many minutes), and add another request:

I'd like to be able to print with the current state of editor Folding -- i.e., print a high-level summary of, say, just the javadocs and method signatures. As far as I can tell, the only way to do this now is to set the folding, then copy and paste into an external program.

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I agree, this is about the only thing Idea doesn't do right. It seems that Idea sends print jobs as images, rather than text. OTOH, I don't do hardcopies of my code too often so it's not a biggie.

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not the printing in IDEA is slow, the printing in java is slow. i have implement printing in my own application an it is very slowly, too. you must post a request to sun and not to intellij, because they cannot print faster, i think!!!

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If you're working on Windows, you may try to use the following shareware: PrintFile

It's quite fast (actually I believe the slowness of IDEA is because somehow it asks the printer to print bitmaps instead of sending text).

It also has the advantage of being able to print a set of files, and remembering predefined options. I use it very much for printing source for code reviews. It also provides classical layout (line wrapping, configurable tab size, line numbering, simple keyword highlighting...)

I hope this helps


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