#804 some issues that I noticed...

Here are some of the things that I noticed in this build. I am not sure if this is something specific to my situation.

1. Goto Class/Goto Symbol does not work till I click on the non-project option. It does not find the classes even in my project till I select the option. Once I select the option, then it works fine (slow but that's fine for EAP).

2. CtrlAltShiftN is too many keys for ambi-un-dextrous person like me. Since Goto Class plugin is no longer required, I key mapped altN to CtrlAltShift+N. Any chance we can make that a default?

3. Just AltF8 without hiliting a variable brings the evaluation window with the variable text box minimized and there does not seem to be a way to get that to normal. I have to select a variable and then hit altf8.

4. Code completion did not work (or may be I don't know how to use it) in alt+f8 window. How do I use this new feature?

5. Trying ctrlspace in altf8 window resulted in NPE or ArrayIndexOutOfBounds.

6. After file compilation (ctrlshiftf9), there is a "copying resource" task that is going on. Do I need to wait for this to complete or can I continue if I needed to run that class?

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