IntelliJ 6.0 Project Settings Dialog

So am I the only one that things the Project Settings dialog in IntelliJ 6.0 is much harder to use than the one in 5.x?

Why change something that isn't broken??

What is everything a Tree? The old layout was much better as everything dealing with the classpath was on one screen. Now I have to expand multiple trees to add jar's to my classpath and to add global libraries. I absolutely hate the new layout...grrr.


Developers: any chance "JDKs & Global Libraries" can be added back to the settings screen in addition to the project settings?

I was asked to look at version 6 to see if our team should upgrade, so I tapped a Java developer that never used Intellij, a developer that is familiar with 5, and myself (also familiar with 5). We had 2 tasks: try importing an old 5.0 project and create a new one from scratch.

The first thing the three of us did was try to setup the IDE to our preferences: particularly the editor settings and the Global libraries.

All three of us were quite dumbstruck at the removal of the Global Libraries (and JDKs) from the settings menu, particularly because the application's help system still makes mention of it.

I can understand the other things done, but putting global libraries in a place only accessible via the project settings is quite (in my team's opinion) a poor design choice. Was it simply something that was removed (or incomplete) before version 6 went live?

Eclipse, NetBeans, and (I think) *JBuilder *have the libraries section in a common non-Project place: be it the common settings dialog or a seperate menu for libraries. If nothing else, it makes it more visible to new users.

For now we're sticking with version 5. It's a shame, as we were really looking forward to upgrading. We chose Intellij because it was a great IDE with an intuitive interface.


I completely agree. And there's another thing: It happened more than once to me that I selected a JDK from the tree when I wanted to change the project JDK, afterwards wondering why this 'change' didn't work... And believe me, I'm very familiar with IDEA 6.



In my opinion, a shortcut for setting global libraries and configuring JDKs should be already available in the "welcome" screen. Also, to reintroduce a button for global libraries and JDKs into the settings dialog, would certainly help newbies and upgraders from previous versions.

Otherwise, after initial confusion, I got used to the new dialog and still find it much better than the Eclipse solution.

Kind regards

Thomas Gülden
Munich, Germany


The idea, as I understand it, was that the 5.0 settings dialog was fine for smaller projects, but wouldn't scale to larger ones. If your project has dozens of modules and dependencies on hundreds of libraries, the 5.0 panel got to be very cumbersome. The new layout makes that size of project feasible (if not yet easy).

The new panel also scales the addition of new sorts of library dependencies (e.g. remote dependencies on Maven/Ivy/OSGi repositories), that if JetBrains isn't thinking of they should be. The old layout was simply too limited for that.

--Dave Griffith


I understand that but for new users simply finding these settings is annoying, particularly for users used to IntelliJ 5.0 or other IDEs. The screen itself is alright, it's just that getting to it is a bit of a stretch. Plus the "Help" says one must get there the old way.

A simple "JDKs and Global Libraries" icon within the main settings panel should be included. Just something to maintain the global libraries, even if the dialogue itself is the same one as under the project settings.

That's my only concern, providing a way to get to the settings without being forced to take the conviluted route of going to the project settings to change something used globally.


Yes, yes, yes. I have a relatively large project with multiple modules, and it's still more intuitive in Idea 5 settings.

Others have expressed the same concerns in other threads. Bring back the combination of tabs and trees. Idea 6 relies a bit too heavily on trees and popups.


For the record, I strongly agree, and expressed this precise issue when the 6.0 design was being hashed out. Other than that, I greatly prefer the new setup.

--Dave Griffith


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