[Mac OS X] Compile Problems, 694, 1.4.1

I've noticed that IDEA does not compile all source files in a project. If I delete the .dependency-info and all the classes in my build dir, and ask IDEA to compile the package heirarchy under my src directory, quite a few of the files are not compiled, usually those which are not referenced by other src files.

Why is this, and what can be done about it? Is it a bug? Am I missing some project settings?

Why doesn't IDEA just try to compile EVERY src file in the heirarchy?

It has always been present in the 6** builds, but it has got to the stage now that I can't compile my project at all. I used to be able to work around it by deleting the .dependency-info, but even that doesn't work.

Help please,

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? I don't see this issue, are you sure it's not something with your setup??? I just deleted the dependency info, and everything compiles. I even tried a rebuild project and it shows me the correct number of class files it's going to compile and does. I've deleted the whole classes directory's content and compiled and everything was there.

what am i missing?


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