Webstorm 10 Code Completion not working with AngularJS controllerAs syntax

I have posted about this in stackoverflow as well:


In short, I used the "Generating an AngularJS Application Stub" approach to generate an AngularJS app.  I updated the bower.json to angular 1.3.x then ran "npm install".  Everything installs and runs just fine.  However, the code completion is not working as expected.

I modified the example view1.js file and set the controllerAs property when defining the route.

.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
  $routeProvider.when('/view1', {
    templateUrl: 'view1/view1.html',
    controller: 'View1Ctrl',
    controllerAs: 'vm'

.controller('View1Ctrl', [function() {
      var vm = this;
      vm.hello = 'Hello World';
<p>This is the partial for view 1.</p>

I get a squiggly line under vm and a  “unresolved variable or type” warning.  I've seen a pluralsight example where doing something like this works in theory.  I already tried adding angular and angular route to the javascript library in settings, but it didn't help.  

The app runs/works as expected ("Hello World" shows up at runtime),it's just the code-completion doesn't appear to be working properly.I'm using WebStorm 10.0.2, any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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+1 - I'd love to see better support for controllerAs syntax in templates

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Note that


is resolved in 2016.3.2, but no proper completion/navigation is provided



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