What to use on OSX?

Now that 1.4.1 is out from Apple, what should I be using on OSX?

I currently have 694, but that still needs a bit of work before it could be considered a release.

I don't want to start on Aurora, as that's just a new beta/eap program.

What are IntelliJ's plans with regard to getting a release quality version of the 6** series builds out the door for the Mac?


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694 was actually a release build of 3.0.2 more or less, sans some update help files I believe.

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I am running Idea 802 with OS X.2.4's latest jdk 1.4.1. I tried runnig with an earlier version of Idea (694, I believe) and had extensive difficulty running against jdk1.4.1. Now that I've upgraded to Idea 802, things are working quite well. It really is a LOT faster. There is the problem with fonts (use Monaco), and the splash screen never goes away, nor does the "Loading Project" panel, but other than that, it seems pretty good.


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