Upgrade from WebStorm 9 to 10

Is there a way to upgrade from version 9 to version 10? If so how and what is the pricing like?

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To upgrade, download the installation package from https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/download/ and install it into the empty folder. You will be prompted to import your settings from previous version on first start. As for pricing, it depends on your subscription. If you renewed your subscription/purchased WebStorm less  then a year ago, you are entitled to all minor and major releases, so  you can upgrade to version 10 for free. Otherwise, you have to renew your  subscription in order to be able to use v. 10.

Your upgrade subscription expiration date is specified in your license  certificate. You can also visit the Help | Register menu or the Help |  About menu in the software to check your subscription term.


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