How to uppercase TRUE/FALSE/NULL?


I cannot figure out, how to make PhpStorm 8.0.3 to uppercase TRUE/FALSE/NULL in code completion, generating phpDoc comments etc.
Enabled in Settings > CodeStyle > PHP > Other > Convert True/False constants to: Upper case , but all TRUE/FALSE/NULL are still lowercased.

Please, can anyone help me to make it work? Thanks in advance.

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You might be talking about code formatting.  For me the shortcut key is ALT+SHIFT+L

That implements the choices i have chosen in code styling against the document.

If your just talking about transforming a particular word, then you can use CTRL+SHIFT+U  to toggle anything between upper and lower case.

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Hi there,

In PhpStorm v8 you can do only like Michael said -- letter case for those keywords can be changed via either Code Reformat or manually for each occurrence -- those settings do not have affect on actual code completion where lower case is always used.

In PhpStorm v9 the NULL/TRUE/FALSE letter case will be used even during actual code completion.

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Thanks, what I need is actually uppercasing in code completion, so good to know it's not possible in 8*.


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