Best integrated workflow?

Does anyone have a best practices article or integrated workflow for webstorm  + github  + any agile tool (I'm looking into Youtrack and pivotal tracker currently but open to suggestions).

Not just use this but best practices or your own experience around this workflow. Any guidance would be appreciated. thanks

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For our small team in off-set time-zones, we do:
* change to master branch
* pull from bitbucket
* change to my-development branch
* merge from master
* develop stuff and commit as you go
* push to bitbucket (end of the day)
* merge to master

then repeat the next day.

Everyone does the same thing and it seams to keep it all in line.

I'm sure you could add some extra steps in if you wanted, like perhaps a 'to be checked' branch between the merge branches, but we're a small team.


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