Configure Annotator for Javascript Code Inspection

When running the code inpection on a javascript project, there are a number of different types of results reported under the General/Annotator heading.  Is there any way to configure those individual annotator items? The setting General/Annotator in Editor/Inpections seems to enable/disable the annotator processing, but I didn't see any place to configure the annotator items individually.


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Annotator checks can't be configured/disabled - they are hard-coded.
Just to make things clear - there are 3 types of errors being reported:
- Lexer & parser - syntax errors only; these are low-level checks  done at lexer level. Such errors can't be suppressed individually
- Annotator - more advanced syntax checks too complex for parser. Not suppressible/configurable (just like lexer checks).
- Inspections - most advanced checks, level 2, only these can be configured/suppressed via Alt+Enter.


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