Preventing a flood of bugs on Aurora

Hi IntelliJ people and the rest of the happy world using IntelliJ!

Aurora is beginning its way with build 802 (is it wireless? :)

I think that in order to assist the Aurora development focus and prevent the
ITN from becoming too big and unmanageable I think that IntelliJ should tell
us on what areas to concentrate. For example, if there's a bug in a feature
that exists in a feature from that appears as "In
progress", it should not generally be reported.

I think that basic guidelines from IntelliJ on what has a green light for
reporting and what's a work in progress (i.e. no bugs, just suggestions).

I have just started to use IntelliJ 802, and apart from an exception on
loading so far it seems fine.

I'd like to commend IntelliJ for a very promissing beginning of a new EAP,
including an installation, importing of settings and backing up of my old


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