Idea 5 - Problem with "Cannot Resolve Symbol 'foo'"

Hi all,

I am seeing that some people are having problems with TL's not resolving, but it ends up being the tag itself that isn't resolving. My problem isn't the tag itself resolving, but the variable that is assigned to the tag not resolving.

So, here is an example

<fooLib:foo id="currentFoo"/>
String fooName = currentFoo.getFooName(); // currentFoo is what is in red and not resolving

the fooLib:foo tag resolves fine and I can ctrl-left click and get to its definition w/o a problem, but the actual instance of that is not showing up properly. Any ideas?

NOTE: This page works fine and compiles, etc. Also I am using Idea 5 (build 3436)

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So, is anyone else getting this problem?

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i'm not really sure your code should work.

How the fact that your declare a tag <foolib:foo> would create a java local variable reachable from your scriptlet

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That is what I thought too. I wonder what the problem is with it.


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