Project file inconveniences

I am using IntelliJ 6.0 and I have a couple of minor issues I thought someone may have overcome already.

I use two different source control systems, one for legacy, CVS for new projects. When using the legacy system, we set files as read-only if they are not locked for editing. So my IPR file is read-only. However, when I open up the project in IntelliJ it appears to want to immedately save out the IPR file and complains that it is read-only. This happens whenever the window regains focus as well -- very annoying.

The second thing is that when I am using IntelliJ to manage my CVS activity, the IPR file is not included in the list of changed files. I'd like to be able to check in the IPR file from IntelliJ rather than have to use a separate CVS tool just for that purpose.


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