Performance problems with hundreds of jars in classpath

Hi all :)

I recently tried to use IDEA to develop eclipse plugins as I miss all those nice IDEA features so desperately when trying to use eclipse as IDE ;) . . .
In general this works very well. :D
The only problem is compiling. Even when compiling only a single file it takes about a minute for the compile action to complete. I assume this is caused by the hundreds of eclipse and eclipse plugin jars (and source zips) that the module has in its classpath.
Did anyone ran into performance problems with many jars? If yes, is there a way to solve/decrease the problem?

Best regards,

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Yep, this is likely to be the problem with refreshing JarFileSystem, as Sascha Weinreuter pointed out. This performance lag is fixed under Windows in 6.5 branch.

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cool thanks for the info


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