Component dependencies in IDEA


I was trying to find out whats going on myself but unfortunately I could not get to the root of the problem. I have problems with dependencies between components.

consider the following project setup:

3 module components on the project (A,B,C) where A depends on B
1 library components (Lib1) where A depends on Lib1 and Lib1 depends on module C

Now I have setup everything and all compiles ok. But when I browse in classes of the library Lib1 I get parsing errors within the code saying the classes of module C are not in the scope of library 1.

Is that a know issue of IDEA or how can I setup such a scenario ?



You need to specify the dependency of Lib1 on C as "exported". How you do this depends on whether you are using IDEA 5.1 (in which case there's an "Export" tab in the project setup) or 6.0 (look for the "export" checkboxes in the "Dependencies" tab).

--Dave Griffith


Hi Dave,

thanks for your suggestion. And I also thought this might solve my problem. But unfortunately it did not solve it.
Whenever I browse a class of a library component - which needs classes from the module components they are marked as unknown (red) in the code view.

do you have other ideas ?



I found another notion of this problem here:

No solution was proposed so far... :(


Hello Vadim,

VK> I found another notion of this problem here:
VK> 3
VK> No solution was proposed so far... :(

This issue is fixed in the build 6083:

Dmitry Jemerov
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc.
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Thanks a lot for this peace of good news.


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