Project in local folder, sync with external server folder

Our source files are on an external server, and since I'm unable to run a local server, I need to be able to copy the files over locally, create a project there, and have it synchronize/save to the dev code either automatically or manually, but preferably be able to warn me if someone else has changed a file while I was editing it. We can't use typical versioning on the server code due to its legacy nature, and right now the developers are just editing code live with no safety nets.

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Hi there,

1) It's still better to invest into some VCS -- at least for code safety

2) Working with local copy and upload files to remote server is the correct way to go with your setup.

IDE allows you to upload files manually (either simple upload .. or synchronize (where you can review each file before actual upload/download)).

  • Upload can also be automatic (on Save) -- must be enabled in deployment options.
  • When "Synchronize with Deployed ..." is used you can merge remote copy with local (standard diff viewer) and the upload final local copy to remote.

3) Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment | Options

There is an option: "Warn when uploading over newer file" -- when it's activated the "Notify about remote changes" option will become available -- should help.

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1) The VCS is a secondary issue; since we can't have local instances of the application (due to the way the app is set up), we have to test on the dev server. This means editing the code live, as waiting for commit pulls would mean we're flying in the dark and slowing everything down. We can have versioning on the code, but I only mentioned VCS because it's not a solution to live editing in this case.
2) I thought of this, but I wasn't sure exactly how to set things up in PHPStorm. I'm used to Eclipse and NetBeans, and even then I haven't worked with a code setup like this.

Thanks, I think Deployment was the keyword I was looking for. I went through and configured this, but I'm still not sure whether I or teammates editing a file will be notified that someone else modified the file.


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