SQLite Data Source unresolved reference

Dears all,

I am working on a project where both mySQL and SQLite data sources shoud work and while the mySQL tables and columns are resolved in query statements the SQLite are not resolved.

I can manage both data sources connection in Database Tool Windows, I can also add and modify tables in SQLite but when I try to insert statement related to SQLite tables I cannot get any Code completion suggestion and, then, the name of tables and fields are marked as "unresolved reference".

I also try the "Invalidate cache / Restart" command with non success.

Any suggestion?

Thanks for support,

Carmine Iaciofano

p.s.: I also checked the Console recalled from Database Tool Window and I got working reversed!! The resolved references were the SQLite ones while the unresolved references were the mySQL ones!! May be it is an issue and I will have to place there the question. Let me have your comment, if you are confident on similar cases. Thanks

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