Help getting started with SpyJs

Hi.  I am new to profiling with WebStorm & SpyJs.  I've got it profiling my app, but as soon as I switch from the app running in the browser to WebStorm, it's starts profiling "external" and after about 10 seconds my app profiling vanishes.  Is there a way to pause the SpyJs profiling, or have it be preserved after I 'Stop SpyJs'?

Why is the code linking from the SpyJs profiler stop working when it's not running?

The SpyJs Save and Load feature is a little confusing.  Why is Load disabled when not profiling?

Basically what I want to accomplish is to profile my JS app with SpyJs running in the background.  Or save my trace and then study the results and how they relate to lines of code it seems I can only do this while running the app, and if I spend too much time in WebStorm it loses connection.

Other than that, it's pretty sweet!  The Trace to code is great.

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