GUI: Data Binding Wizard

Dear IDEA users/developers

I am new (well, I guess as most of you) to the GUI Designer in Version 6. It all works fine, though I do not see how the data binding for some widgets works, e.g. a simple JLabel or something complex as a JTable.

1) If I have a form, say with a JTextField, JTextArea and a JTable, JLabel; all Components are bound to fields.
2) Now I start the DataBindingWizard to create the beans accordingly.
3) The Wizard only allows me to build Beans for the JTextField/Area, but not for a JLabel nor for a JTable.

Reading the documentation:
"The next screen lists the form components that are eligible for data binding, and that have been bound to a field in the form's UI class. To the right each component name is an edit field where you can specify the bean property that you want as the data source/target for the component."

So I wonder which of the components are eligible for data binding and how you guys e.g. bind a JTable or more complex Components ?

Thanks for any hints and tips!
Best regards, Markus

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