Caret position strange problem


After installing 3.0.2 over 694 (I know, it's the same apart from
documentation) I started having a strange problem.

Files that were open before I did the installation or 3.0.2 and settings
import from 3.0.1 lost their caret position when I closed IntelliJ and
reopened it. Also, in many cases doing an undo would make the file scroll to
the top and the caret to go to row 1 column 1.

What seemed to solve it was to close all the open files and then things
started becoming normal again.

Has anyone experienced similar behavior? I haven't submitted a bug as it
seems to be a very marginal problem.

Amnon I. Govrin

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I also installed 3.0.2 over 694, without experiencing anything similar to your problem.


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