v6.0.1: nonexistent package HTMLs shown in source tree?!


I'm mostly using 'Packages' view with 'Flattened View/Remove Empty packages' options turned on when developing, and I get this strange HTML files shown under source tree.

For instance, all my packages start with com.mycompany, and I get one or sometimes few "com.html" files shown under tree root ?! I noticed that this behaviour is different or even nonexistent when not using this 'Flattened View/Remove Empty packages' options.


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I checked again, and it seems to be issue when "Flatten Packages" option is turned on. It happens in "Project" and "Packages" view.

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Check your file types.
I had a similar problem after upgrading (I kept my old config files) but with xml files appearing. It turned out that somehow my xml file type had an entry "*.", so all subdirectories were being displayed as xml files.


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