Bug or feature: IDEA automatically jumps to the next class after Reformat Code

I've noticed that IDEA automatically selects the next class in a package in the Project view after I perform a Reformat Code. It's not a big deal, I guess, unless Autoscroll to Source is turn on in the Project view...in which case it kinda drives me batty.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Go to the Project view
2) Turn on Autoscroll to Source
3) Find a package which contains at least 2 classes and then open one of the classes in that package.
4) Perform a Reformat Code on the class you just opened.

Notice that IDEA will change the selected class in the Project view to the next class in the package and, since Autoscroll to Source is on, it'll open that other class.

I seem to recall some discussion about this a while back, but don't recall the outcome. Does anyone know if it's already been submitted as a bug (I couldn't find it)? Or is there a reason that I shouldn't consider it a bug?



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