PhpStorm, VirtualBox and Xdebug

Hi all,

I have the following system installation:
- Virtual Box Debian Wheezy
-- Apache 2
-- PHP 5.4
-- MySql 5.5
-- SSH
-- Xdebug 2.2.1 -> also configured in php.ini
-- WebRoot in /var/www
-- Samba Share for /var/www
-- Typo3 6.2

- Windows 7
-- PhpStorm
-- Mounted net drive (from the /var/www VBox share) in z:\

Now I want to debug via xdebug in PhpStorm, but this does not work as expected, even if I followed several instructions read in the internet. Could you therefore give me please help in several points:
- How to include the files from my VBox in PhpStorm (just opening Z:\ drive does not seem to be so clever, because if I change something in the Typo3 backend and install a new extension, e.g. this makes trouble syncing the new folders)?
- How to setup my phpstorm so that I can can remote debug the typo3 changes?

For short time it worked, but I than had to add mapping infos to PhpStorm manually for every file when it stopped in first file (where no breakpoint was set).

If you need any additional infos, just post them, please.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi and thx for your response!

I'll try this out, if it works for me.

Thanks and kind regards,



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