What's up with WebStorm JSDoc support, and how can I define cleanly my types?


Every time I write JSDoc or download a lib that wrote some, I end up trying to get WebStorm to understand it properly. And fail.
JavaScript is weakly typed. But types are amazing for an IDE! It does indexing, auto-completion, parameter checks...

It's been quite a long time that WebStorm has had issues with JSDoc.
Should I simply forget about JSDoc and its amazing features (mainly generating a web doc on the fly) and instead go over to DefinitelyTyped?
I would like to have some advices on the matter please.

Thank you.

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Well.. JSDoc itself is not well documented, it's not always clear what annotations to use and how. Plus several different standards exist.
We are trying to support mix of tags from different standards, so users  won't be forced to rewrite their documentation code to work well with  WebStorm. Google Closure is supported the most completely, including  type syntax. JSDoc3 is partially supported for now.

If you have any particular problems, please create support tickets or log bugs to youtrack


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