Debug with POST&GET request

How can I catch the debug event with PhpStorm(8.0.3).
I set some breakpoints in databasework.php.

When I start to debug in register.php which contains a form and click submit button in here, I want debug stop at breakpoints in database.php files..
In main scenario should be this. I know. I think something wrong with me can you explain how can I achieve this ?

Edited: I post form data to registeruser() function in database.php file, so is it possing to set a breakpoint in begining of this function and stops debugging here ?
here is my url in ajax call:


Do I suppose to change this like tis


Can you advise me some usefull frameworks about this(like mvc) ?

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Hi there,

You mean that you are in the PHP debugging session already and want to debug another session/request?

if so then you need to increase the number of simultaneous debug sessions at "Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Language & Frameworks | PHP | Debug --> Max  simultaneous connections".

Or you want to debug some script that is called via AJAX request?

For this you better configure your xdebug to automatically attempt to debug every single script (that's the easiest way) by "xdebug.remote_autostart = 1" in your php.ini (don't forget to restart you web server).

In any case:


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