Webstorm 10 - OSX Yosemite JDK 1.8 Version - High CPU Usage

Hi guys,

I would like to report high cpu usage for the Webstorm 10 special version that is comes bundled with JDK 1.8. Now it is apparently suppose to be bring performance improvements over the standard version however it is instead dreadfully slow.

If I download the normal version, all is fine. So this needs to be looked at, doing a 'top' chows the CPU usage spiking to 100% on simple actions such as scrolling a HTML a file.

For additional background my project is an Angular JS one.

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Please create a support ticket, attaching a CPU snapshot taken when usingbundled JDK. See https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/29983118-Reporting-performance-problems


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