Problems with using portable PhpStorm, HOMEPATH not available, suggestions?

Hi, I've made PhpStorm completely portable by having both the settings, projects and PhpStorm itself stored in the cloud (like this). That way I always have access to the exact same environment wherever I choose. It works like a charm, EXCEPT: The username which use PhpStorm is not called the same on the different machines, and that poses a problem. See, stuff like my SSH-keys and projects are stored within my user folder which means that PhpStorm can't find any of these things when booting from a computer that is not my work computer, I need to alter the locations each and every time, completely undermining the whole idea. One solution I have tested was to include %HOMEPATH% in the SSH-key locations, but that does not work. So do you guys have any suggestions?

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Please try to set user.home property in file. This should modify the location of .ssh folder to <user.home>/.ssh


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