Workaround for more than one intellij instances of 4.5 doesnt work with 6.0

I used IntelliJ 4.5 for a long time. In this forum i read a workaround to run two IntelliJ Instances on one computer: You simply had to copy the bin, system and config directories and edit some properties. This was very usefull, because I have to work with many large projects, and even if one was opening or CVS updating and so a modal dialog was open, I was able to use another instance for another project.

But in IntelliJ 6.0 the same workaround doessn't work anymore. And even worse: The old problem with applicationwide modality of dialogs, that causes my problems is still there (and it ist possible to implement a workaorund for this JDK limitation, we did it in our application). Can you help me with a new workaround?

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