Can't find the "Build File Properties" dialog box, Help

In the Help Window under the Ant Integration section, the following is

Specify custom classpaths Also you may want to use additional libraries within your Ant scripts. Such libraries can be your custom tast definitions. These libraries, as well as the other required paths, can be passed to Ant by adding them to the list of Additonal Classpaths in the Build File Properties dialog Can you tell me the location of where this "Build File Properties dialog box" is. The only dialog box that I can find is under File -> Project Properties ->]]> Path, where there are the following sections

Source Path
Classpath, Exclude
Javadoc Paths

But I think there is another dialog box called "Build File Properties"
dialog box, but I can't find where it is located.

Do u know where it is ?? Kindly let me know.

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The dialog is available from the "Ant Build" toolwindow (alt-Enter, toolbar button or context popup menu).


Best regards,
Eugene Zhuravlev
JetBrains, Inc,
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Thanks Eugene, I found it.


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