6.0: How do I properly debug a JSF project? Spikes CPU 100% currently?

Version 6.0
Tomcat 5.0.28

How do I properly debug a JSF project?

I place a couple breakpoints in my backing bean. When I click on the debug button it spikes my CPU to 100% and stays that way. I have to kill 6.0 in the Task Manager.

I've gone through the Help documentation and found what I am currently doing should be correct.



Update: I've spent about three hours trying to get this to work right. I can debug the same project in Netbeans 5.5 without issues.

This is a deal breaker, I thought there was better support for JSF in 6.0?

Update two: I tried this with the Mac version at home and I get the same results. I went a step farther and created a new simple JSF project and put a breakpoint in the backing bean and it caused my Mac to freeze. I had to force quit 6.0.

Can or can I not debug a JSF project in 6.0?

This is frustrating beyond believe...

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Please provide a sample project illustrating the problem and CPU snapshot as described here: http://support.jetbrains.com/kb/entry.jspa?categoryID=5&externalID=192 .

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Serge: This might have been my fault.

Imagine that...


I think the issue boils down to using Facelets, which I failed to mention before. Using the xhtml extension probably contributed to the entire situation.

I easily moved my project to just using jsp include statements, dropped Facelets and made necessary adjustments.

Now, breakpoints can be set in the .jsp files, etc... and all works well.

Thank you for your attention to this.



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