Is per-project file encoding functional?

I use UTF-8 for all new projects but I need Windows-1252 for some legacy ones. However, PhpStorm will open any file as UTF-8.

Despite what help says, the IDE seems to use "IDE Encoding" all the time, except when a file/directory exception exists, and the "Project Encoding" setting is ignored. And directory exceptions are not a sensible workaround because they are apparently not inheritable so you need to apply them to every single subdirectory (and I have hundreds of them).

So far, I fix encoding file by file as I need to edit them (using the status bar icon) but basic stuff like file search is not functional when it involves international characters.

Is per-project file encoding functional in PhpStorm 8.0.3 for Windows? Did I misread the help section?

P.S. Yes, I know I should just switch to UTF-8 and forget about any other encoding ever but I can't afford a full rewrite just to add a tiny feature.

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Hi there,

In one of those few old projects of mine where no UTF-8 is still in use .. the inheritance seems to be fine (but then -- project was created years ago -- back in PhpStorm v0.x times).

Suggestion to try:

  • Close your project in IDE / close IDE
  • Go to the project settings folder for that project (PROJECT/.idea)
  • Open "encodings.xml" in any text editor
  • Change "useUTFGuessing" value to be "false"
  • Save file and re-open project

Any difference?

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Thank you very much for the tip. I've edited encodings.xml to disable UTF-8 guessing and it works. I've reverted changes and it still works. I've changed project settings to remove file/directory exceptions and it keeps working. I've even created a new project from existing sources, with only a "Project encoding" value, and it works (when it's never been the case in the past).

This is plain crazy...

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Luckily, my issue has never been as bad as in those bug reports. When I select an encodign for a given file PhpStorm remembers it.

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Upon further testing, I can confirm that changes to the "Project Encoding" preference don't take effect until you restart PhpStorm. Reloading the project is not enough, you need a full restart. Other than that, the setting works as advertised.


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