OS X Users Please Read


If you're not already on the java seed list with Apple, please go to the ADC site at connect.apple.com and sign up, it's free. once you download the JDK DP10 you will get an email with the link to sign up to the seed list.

It seems that the impression people have on that list, and perhaps Apple, that IDEA users are in the minority of OS X java development IDE users, with JBuilder being in the majority.

We need to get as many people on here voicing their opinion on the seed list to let Apple and others on the list know that IDEA users are in fact the majority of users, and that Apple should pay a lot more attention to us than they currently are.

It seems that with every new build, things go worse, not better, with the IDE, and yet IDEs like JBuilder run better and better. IntelliJ has spent countless hours helping Apple out, and so have we, I think it's time that Apple pay a little more attention to us in their testing.

I'm not trying to start a fight, just trying to get a bigger group of users to let Apple know we're here and we're worth their time and effort.


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