Name grouping in Ctrl-N

Our project is growing pretty large (4000+ classes) and using the Ctrl-N feature isn't as helpful as it once was (still a God-send, don't get me wrong). We've been using Idea from the beginning of the project, so our naming conventions were built around the Ctrl-N feature. Many of our classes have a prefix that allows us to quickly filter the list down to a group of similar classes:

Typing Ctrl-N followed by "SomePrefix" will give use 20-30 classes that have a similar function. This is very handy, but could be much better. Typing "SomePrefix" takes quite a bit more time than I'd like. Making shorter prefixes ("Sp") makes things to cryptic.

This idea is a bit out there, so bear with me... what if Idea recognized that there were more than 5 classes out there that started with the search term and it collapsed those into a group. Then I could select that group rather than typing it out. In the example above, I could have typed:
The list would look something like this:

The user could press the down arrow once and press enter. The Ctrl-N box would now say "SomePrefix" and have the individual classes that start with SomePrefix listed below.

Another advantage of this, is the user would no longer need to sort through a huge list of "SomePrefix" classes to get to the SodaClass or the SushiClass.

What do you think? Too much?

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