files with open editor tabs not being listed in Recent Files

I have my editor tab limit set to 12 and my editor recent file limit set to 25. I think that should mean that I'll never get into a situation where I can see a editor tab for a file but I do not see that file listed in the Recent Files popup; is that correct?

The reason I ask it that I sometimes do get into the situation where I see an editor tab for a file, but that file does not appear in the Recent Files popup. For example, I currently see a tab for a file called When I use Ctrl-E to bring up the Recent Files popup, however, I do not see listed.

Now, as a potential data point, I think I've gotten into this situation when I've been editing files with common prefixes. In the example above, although the Recent Files popup does not show, it does show (which I've also been editing recently).

Any thoughts? Am I completely confused about the Recent Files popup?

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