Wheres the rename option in the right mouse menu????

You would think a valuable option such as rename would be available in the right click menu!

I know you can find it under the "File" menu but its seems like extra milage the mouse needs to go to access it.

Also, what about CTRL+R? or CMD+R?

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Assuming you are right clicking a file in the project view...
Refactor -> Rename

Or after selection of file in project view, with default keyboard command... (on windows)
Alt+r  -> Alt+r

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As it was already mentioned the action is available via Context menu in Project view panel.

As for shortcut:

  1. File | Settings | Keymap
  2. Find already mentioned "Menu | Refactor | Rename ..." action and assign whatever shortcut you want.
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Under Refactor sub menu.
Also, the main entry is in Refactor main menu, not in File (that one will ignore current editor element and always rename containing file).
The default keyboard shortcut is also visible both menus.

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I see the Rename from the File menu, but I don't see the shortcut key next to it. Is this an omition? I attached a screen to show what I mean.

And yes you are right, I have had issues with the rename from the File menu when trying to rename an FTP folder.

I guess I'm just so acustomed to having the option next to my copy, cut, paste from the right click menu

Screen Shot 2012-01-16 at 1.29.08 AM.png
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I too have this problem. The "Refactor" option is missing from the right click menu, and it is "rename" is disabled in the main/refactor menu. This looks like a regression in WS9; it worked fine in 8.

It is an intermittant problem - I think it may have to do with version control, or it being a large project and the indexing taking a long time. I can create a file, and then not be able to rename it a few minutes later. But in some projects this is never a problem.


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