Code inspector does not recognize function declared in php extension

Questions for the pros out there:

I am using the php-scrypt library for user authentication. It is loaded into php as an extension. Works well, but I noticed that phpstorm gives me an "undefined function" error on the scrypt function.

Is there a way to make phpstorm recognize functions that are added to php through extension modules? It is not a big deal but being a perfectionist it bugs me. I don't know whether there is a path to include to make this work.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi there,

Automatically -- no as extension is written in C.

Same solution as in the link below -- use basic PHP stub file -- basically PHP versions of those claases/methods/etc but with no implementation bodies -- that's how all stubs/support for PHP native classes/etc are done anyway -- just Ctrl+Click on any standard function/class and see for yourself.

You may also search the internet -- maybe somebody have done it already.


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