Toggling numbered bookmarks

The current behavior for numbered bookmarks is as follows: if one press
ctrl-shift- on non-bookmarked line, and the bookmark with the corresponding number is already assegned, the existing bookmark just goes off. Next ctrl-shift-]]> sets bookmark on a new line. This does not help
much retaining the assigned bookmark, because it is turned off anyway.

Would not it be better, if IDEA has the setting "Confirm bookmark move", and
if this setting is on, IDEA should ask do I really want to reassign existing
bookmark to another line. If the setting is off, then IDEA should reassign
bookmark silently from the first keypress, and do not just toggle it off,
how it happens now. If I press ctrl-shift-]]> on a line with the same
bookmark, it should just toggle it off, how it is done currently. If I use
the different bookmark number on a bookmarked line, it should change to
another number from the first keypress. Now it prohibits at all to change
the bookmark number.

Also, project scope for bookmarks sometimes may be not enough, so what about
tab window scope (class, xml file, jsp page, etc)? This could be another
setting in the IDEA options.

It would be also great, if IDEA could show somewhere the used bookmarks
(depending on the current scope and current tab window), so I can safely use
unused numbers. They can be shown in status bar or in bottom tool window
bar, when it is on.

Michael J.

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I agree with every word here and also would like to point out that currently
if I remove a line with a bookmark assigned to it and then undo it the bookmark
gets lost which is IMHO totally unacceptable behavior and of course very inconvenient one.

The current behavior for numbered bookmarks is as follows: if one press

bar, when it is on.

Dmitry Skavish

Boston, MA, USA
tel. +1 781 910-3810


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