JSF validation in Idea 6.0 ?


I've been writing my pages with JSF tags and faces-config.xml by hand with Idea 5.1. Now I've installed Idea 6.0 and I can see some validation features. In fact, my faces-config.xml is full of red lines everywhere saying that it cannot resolve my file.jsp. My JSP pages are not in the root of the project but under src/web. How can I specify that with Idea ? BTW is there a documentation about JSF and Idea 6.0 ? I could not find anything.





They should be resolved correctly if you create (migrate to) Web Module.


Yes, I'm trying to migrate to modules, it looks ok. But there is no way to work with an existing project that doesn't use modules ? I thought there would be a way to tell Idea that this specific file is the faces-config.xml and this particular directory is where the JSP pages are and so on. There is nothing like that ?


That's exactly modules are for. Just add web module to your project.


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