CSS X fire

Documentation cover  CSS x fire with Firefox .
Does CSS-x-fire work with Chrome ?
Does the equivalent of CSs-x-fire plug in for Firefox  is embedding in chrome plug in of name "Jetbrain IDE support "?
In wich context ( edit configuration )  the CSS-fire-X plugin work ?  ( php debug , javascript debug ? )


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CSS-x-fire is a third-party plugin not handled by JetBrains. It only works in FireFox, there is no Chrome support. And no, Live Edit feature supported through "Jetbrain IDE support " Chrome extension is not the same as CSS-x-fire: the latter works 'from browser to IDE', whereas Live Edit offers changes delivery from IDE to browser

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phpstorm have many tools for web designer  If find curbersome to use browser 1 or browser 2 for use some functionnaliities 1 or functionnnalities 2 .
emmet live edit ( that have the same name that is use in phpstorm ) could be the feature but  a bug exist in windows 8 for chrome 43.0.2320.0 and the last version of sublime text 3. i speak of sublime text because phpstorm has also some functionnialities not supported in chrome because of chrome bug . I really think phpstorm should focus tutorial/video on  javascript /css use on CMS ( on non standart configuration instead default implicit one where you understand nothing  and click on icons gui  like a baby ) and on specific apache configuration ( virtualhost ) instead on focus mainly on php library or standart http server configuration ( specific apache configuraiton ) .


paul irish live edit
-- https://remysharp.com/2012/12/21/my-workflow-never-having-to-leave-devtools
-- https://github.com/GoogleChrome/devtools-docs/issues/30


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