Major bug in Mysql (database?) system not being fixed

I think it's not acceptable that a major bug like this is not being fixed in a commercial product.

In a nutshell, Phpstorm/Intellij claim to have a great support for Databases (and that's true indeed) but how can it be that a so basic and yet so important function like find usages of a Database Colum or Table just doesn't work at all or works partially at the best?

Doesn't anybody working with DB and Phpstorm ever use such function? Just a simple find usages of a column (db field)?

Maybe someone reading this forum could give more priority to the issue in the bug report above? Or just give us some information on when it might be fixed. Or at least, some other users might vote the issue. :)

Thank you,
Francesco Carignani

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Well do you want to code in Java and PHP or SQL?  In Java and PHP you can execute SQL through injection or various levels of class frameworks, or ORMs like Eloquent, PDO or Hibernate or EJB.You can search all you want for strings and get a list of where they are.  Usages are more language specific.  Of course I am all for the intelligent reading of strings and classes to determine the authors intentions.

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Hi Jim,
thank you for the attention.

I work with both  Java and PHP, although I've encountered the issue in PHP where I use Mysql much more.

You're indeed correct when you say that we can always use find in files (search strings) and obtain all occurences of a field, since in the end a field will always be written as a string.

However, since there is this option, it should at least work correctly :)

Moreover, in some cases it might be more precise than using a plain string search (for example I'm thinking to database fields with the same name in different tables. Here a bit of intellisens might help).



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