IDEA Issues on Mac OS X 10.2.3

I am having three issues:

#1, I can't get it to see the core java packages when compiling. Every thing starting with java.* can't be seen, and is highlighted in red. I've selected the Home folder of JDK 1.3.1 when I put together my JDK reference.

#2, When I'm dropping down the list of available fonts in the IDEA Settings (Appearance) window, the font list either will not stay down, scrolls endlessly, or the VM hangs indefinitely.

#3, The icons for toolsbars and such are fuzzy and very low uality. Is this an idea or apple problem?

If you guys can help me out with any of these, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Make sure you're using DP8 (which unfortunately will give you other problems). Also, the JDK detection issue is fixed in the next EAP build (690). In the meantime you can fix it by adding the JDK classes yourself in the panel where you configure JDK's (they're in ../Classes/classes.jar and ../Classes/ui.jar relative to JDKHOME).


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