Collecting data... forever, and ever, and ever.

OK, here's my real problem. Sometimes, rarely, but then very intrusively, I'll enter the debugger on a breakpoint and get "Collecting data..." forever. Not 5 seconds, or 40 seconds, but forever.

Today it's happening when debugging an app deployed in WebSphere. My versions/builds are:

- IntelliJ v5.1 build 4267
- IBM WebSphere Application Server,
Build Number: cf80548.03
Build Date: 12/01/2005

I also can't seem to get any kinda of logging out on this problem. I have added -Didea.debugger.trace="SENDS RECEIVES" in my idea.bat file, set the IDEA_JDK to point to my new JDK5, and manually run "idea.bat 2> debugTrace", and still I get no trace or log output of any kind. (perhaps those instructions were for prior versions of IntelliJ?)

Does anyone have any suggestions? At the moment my debugger is useless, and hacking it by putting in lots of println() calls and redeploying our ant-build war files is a royal pain in the... Any advice?

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