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I am trying to move 20 files at a time in IDEA. This operation fails and prompts a message saying "Out of Memory Error" . It asks me to increase memory i.e -Xmx and -Xms limits. I have set my -Xmx option to 512MB and -Xms to 128MB but still it fails. Can anybody provide me pointers on this. Is this a limitation in IDEA


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I've had this problem before as well, in both IDEA 5 and 6.

The worst thing I found was that it could leave the project in a completely broken state, because the refactoring occurred for a good portion of code and then just stopped. Of course, because it's run out of memory, you then can't undo the action and need to revert back to a version in source control.

The only way I got around it was to allocate even more RAM, but maybe it's actually a bug.


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