Build Jars doesnt work


I am trying to use the Build | Build Jars.. feature but it doesnt work. When i click build jars, the build jars dialog shows but none of the buttons are clickable, its like everything in the dialog box is frozen and unselectable. I cant choose my main class or jar file path ect. When I click "OK" the build jars dialog closes and nothing happens.

Is this a but or am i not using it right?

Thanks for any help

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Make sure you've selected at least one module in the "Choose Modules to Jar" list. There's a greyed out checkbox next to each module name - it's selectable though.

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Doh! Thanks Chris,

I couldnt see that greyed out box. :)

Now my problem is creating executable jars that allow me to double click my jar to run.

How do i name my main class with a manifest and use the build jar feature?

Thanks Again :)


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