ctrl + d is deleting

Just today, I've downloaded and installed PhpStorm on my home PC. I've also had it installed on my laptop for just about a year now.
On my laptop, ctrl + d will duplicate the line or lines selected--like it's supposed to. However, on my PC, ctrl + d will delete the line or lines selected.

I've fully integrated ctrl + d into my workflow as a dupliate command. Is there any way to make this command duplicate instead of delete lines of code on my PC?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there,

Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Appearance & Behaviour | Keymap

Sounds like you are using different keymaps -- choose the same on both computers

1) you can edit keymap as you wish (just make a copy of any built-in keymap as they are read-only). This setting spage allows to search by action name (input field) as well as assigned shortcuts (button next to it) -- it should be no problem to find required actions and make them the same.

2) You can always export keymap from one computer and import on another -- "File | Import/Export Settings..."


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