Japanese character set

Hi all,

I am using IDEA as and IDE for WebObjects development and am running into a problem writing Japanese characters:

nameCategory("????", CHANNEL);

Is an example of the code that fails. All this does is map the Japanese string to an int constant. The final output is HTML, which shows "????".

I suspected that perhaps my character set encoding was to blame, but after substituting every alternative to UTF-8 I could find online, I began searching out other forums and found the following at


The author descibes a similar problem and then:

"Issue solved.

The problem was due to us inserting the foreign string using
our IDE editor (IDEA's IntelliJ). In it, the string appeared to be
correct, but it was not. It took me walking through its char
content with a debugger to realize that.

Problem vanished once we switched to reading foreign
strings from an external resource file (written in notepad)."

I am running IDEA 4.5.4. My question is: Is this resolved in a more recent release, or failing that, is there a more elegant fix than reading from an external file?

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