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I've noticed that PHPStorm doesnt remember all my modifications for say the last day when use Ctrl+Z ...only some of them
Is there a setting for this limit that i can change?

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You can undo or redo your changes as many times as required. However, when you exit PhpStorm, the undo history is lost.
PhpStorm smartly defines the logical steps that can be undone and redone. The following events signal about the end of a logical step:

  • Pressing Enter.
  • Repositioning the mouse cursor.
  • Using navigation keyboard shortcuts.
  • Cutting or pasting.
  • Pressing Tab.

Please refer to: https://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/help/undoing-and-redoing-changes.html

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i did not exit the IDE...so there is no setting for this !?

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Hi there,

IDE remembers around 100 undo steps.

Instead of just Undo/Ctrl+Z you can use Local History (sort of simple/mini VCS) and go back to one of the previously saved local versions of the file. It works even between IDE restarts (local history is kept for around 7 or 10 days, AFAIK .. or until Cache invalidation).


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that is not cool at all....other IDEs remember all modifications until you exit

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So you are fan of "I better press Ctrl+Z 30 times instead of single action via Local History"?

I'm fine with that -- it's your choice.

  1. "Help | Find Action ..." (Ctrl+Shift+A)
  2. Search for "registry" there
  3. Once found -- select/activate it
  4. Once inside Registry screen -- look for "undo.documentUndoLimit"
  5. Change to whatever value you wish

NOTE: Undo can eat quite a lot of memory .. especially when working with multiple documents / working without restarting IDE for a looong time.

that is not cool at all....other IDEs remember all modifications until you exit

That's not true. Their limit is just MUCH higher -- that's it.


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