Gulp run config does not display console output

I have started using the hapi server system, which is requiring dependence on Lab for testing.
To provide some level of automation I have install gulp-lab and created a task for running the tests in my tests folder.
Running that gulp test command (gulp labtest task) successfully outputs the text-based output from lab onto the terminal console.
However, if I 'edit configurations' and create a new gulp run config for the same gulp task, the run configuration succeeds.
But it does not output the task results text to the console of the run tool view screen.
Is there a configuration setting in the Gulp Run Config screen that I can use to capture the output of the gulp task and redirect it to the tool view screen?

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Gulp console in WebStorm is non-Tty, as node process is started with input/output streams redirection - thus not all output is available. Please vote for


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