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With a large long-term project it's easy to end up with messy I18N resources bundles containing many orphaned strings. IDEA's property file and I18N support are really nice, in particular the safe delete operation let's me determine if a given property is orphaned and remove it from all bundles simultaneously. But it would be really nice if I could run an analysis to detect all orphaned strings. Right now I can select multiple properties at once and try safe delete, but if any of them are not orphaned, I need to select between ignore & delete everything, or delete nothing.

While we're at it, it would be nice if I could to detect properties with duplicate values. IDEA detects duplicate keys as an error, but duplicate value analysis would also be helpful. And not to get too far off track, but the same sorts of orphaned/duplicate analysis would also be helpful for CSS and javascript in web development.

I looked around for a plugin to do such a thing but didn't find one. Is anyone else interested in such a feature?

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Errors/Property Files/Unused Properties will detect orphaned properties. I don't know of any functionality that finds duplicate property values. Please submit a JIRA request.

--Dave Griffith


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